The Elephant Wrestler Bar in Takapuna is bringing you a Boxing EVent like you have never seen before and this is truly going to be a freak fight!!

Connor McGregor who has taken the UFC and the world of MMA by storm is preparing to square off in the boxing ring. He has shown he is a master of the "Big Chat" and regularly tears his opponent apart verbally before dismantling them in the Octagon. He has continued his reign in this department thus far but on Sunday 27th August we will see how it translates in the ring against his opponent.

His opponent is non other than Floyd Mayweather who has also managed to hold his own in the "Cheap verbal shot" department. Entering the ring with all the rules being familiar to him this man will be extremely comfortable in the ring and ready to do this. Now do this depends on whether that means "fight" or "avoid" McGregor!!

That last comment is contentious I know but the reality is Mayweather will not endanger his 49-0 record if he can possibly avoid it and still take the pay day!!

SO down to the event details:

  • Doors from 12pm with a $5 cover charge (Free for Loyalty Members)
  • Bookings are available, and limited.
  • NO bookings after 2pm
  • We have a limited capacity and will be adhering to this
  • We recommend this as an R18 event

This will prove to be very popular and for the enjoyment of all patrons we will be strictly adhering to a limited capacity for the afternoon.




At time of booking through the web you may be directed to contact the venue instead. This will be due to the fact that you are trying to book a table at a time that is not permitted (ie after 2pm) or capacity is limited and they need to discuss your requirements with you.